Wednesday, December 29, 2010


As you may know from my about me section, I live in southern Ontario. More accurately, Waterloo Region. We are fairly close to Stratford, Ontario, where Justin Bieber was born and raised. I would guess less than a half hour drive. Apparently, our shopping centre is one of the best in the region.
This afternoon my 12 year old daughter was really excited and  told me that she heard Justin Bieber would be shopping at our mall today, and asked if she could go. I didn't think he would actually be there, but I allowed her to go, just in case he was. I didn't want to take the opportunity to meet him away from her. Of course, I thought the odds of her actually seeing him at the mall were really really slim.
Well, she did in fact get to meet him. She thought she saw one of his friends whom she recognized  from a youtube video or something, in West 49, and there were people standing in front of the store facing out, like security!  She got excited, as did a bunch of other girls that heard my daughter yell " OH MY GOD!!!JUSTIN BIEBER IS IN WEST 49!!" All of the sudden the guys that were standing there tell her she can't go in there, and block the entrances with little posts with ropes ( you know, like at the bank, or movie theater).  My daughter stood there, right at the front as they put those up in front of her.
A few minutes later Justin came up to where the crowd of girls was forming and told my daughter that he liked her jeans. She didn't really respond, as she was starstruck I guess. So then he said, " hey, I like your jeans!", and she thinks she said thank!  Anyway, then he took her hand and asked her if she wanted him to sign it to which of course she replied yes!!

It's a little blurry, but my camera is broken, so in order to get the picture onto the computer she took a picture of it with the webcam!
Needless to say, excited and happy are understatements for her mood when she got home!  And I am glad I let her go, and am not one of the moms that said no because it would be a waste of time blah blah blah! I know a few 12 year old girls that are quite upset with their mom today! It took awhile for my daughter to find a friend to go with, as moms were saying no because it was a waste of time (like staying home on the computer wasn', and he wouldn't be there.  today, Rich and I  are cool parents!!


  1. That's nice that she met him. Sounds like she had a fun day.

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    (and don't you think that Justin is this generation's Donny Osmond, I can't get over that bowl cut!!)

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