Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dewey's 24 hour Read-a-thon Mini Challenge!!

YAY!! You made it!! 
Welcome, to the last mini challenge of the readathon!! So glad you are here!  You have made it to the end of the readathon! Way to go! Congratulations! You ROCK!!  I know you must be getting tired, so I won't ramble on!

I will get right to the mini-challenge, as soon as I am done telling you that there will be a minimum of 2 prizes.  The prizes will be a small package of bookmarks. Not sure how many it will contain, but there will be at least 5 in each prize package.  Two of them (per package) will be signed by one of my favourite authors, Sandra Brown!  The winners will be chosen by  Once, I receive the winners' names, I will confirm that the entry is valid.  Please leave the name of the country in which you reside in your comment as well, as this is open to international entrants!

And now for the mini-challenge.  I want you to "Make It Up" !!!

Take the letters of the title of a book that you read during  the readathon.  Using at least HALF of them, rearrange the letters to create a  word that DOESN’T exist. Make up a definition for your new word.  Be creative and have fun!

Post the title and author of the book, along with your word and its definition, in the comments section of this post.  If you have a blog, create a post for the challenge, and leave a link!  
Don't forget to include your email address in your comment so that I can contact you for your mailing address if you are one of the winners!

Have fun, and good luck!


  1. Smissthonging: moving about in a blurry, confusing manner; often associated with exhaustion

    Example: She had read for so long that the words began smissthonging around on the page.

    (From the title "Something Missing" by Matthew Dicks)

  2. I played, I think I used half. I can't see straight, much less count!

  3. !Duh - Not Duh (very smart indeed :) )

    (From the book Thud! by Terry Pratchett)
    deepalipratap at

  4. Stequinek - (noun) invisible objects laid out in a certain pattern on a ice skating rink.
    (verb) to leap over five or invisible objects without injury.

    Used in a sentence. "She landed that stequinek perfectly!"

    (Trickster's Queen by Tamora Pierce)

    icy_ethan at

  5. using "The pirates in an adventure with Ahab" by Gideon Defoe
    let me see... I think my new word will be whavenstraperated which means the complete and utter exhaustion one feels after reading for 24 hours



  7. Wayoutenay - the far outskirts of a settlement. "The abattoir was located wayoutenay for both health and aesthetic reasons."

    From "You Went Away" by Timothy Findley

  8. My Life From Scratch by Gensine Bullock-Prado

    Fomratmimy - A dance in which one imitates the movements a rat

  9. My answer is here. I had fun with this mini-challenge, thanks!

  10. Xalopenicate: the method of reproduction in which... no, you don't want to know the details... hours of reading can make a mind really warped...

    Title of my book? The Accidental Explorer by Sherry Simpson.

  11. Here's my post w/answers to your challenge. Fun one!

  12. Fun mini-challenge :)

    I'm from Macedonia!

    My mail:

  13. This is such a fun challenge, thanks! :D My result can be found here:

  14. Sirebompied: Feeling your head filed with clouds (like when cafeine is loosing its efect and your head starts feeling sirebompied)

    My book¿
    tiempo de liberarse by Judith Smith

  15. I cheated a bit and just used the main title, but I did use almost every letter :)

  16. I played:


  17. My Book is The Dust of 100 Dogs.

    My Word is 100Suddogof == noun; a derogatory word used whenever someone pisses you off; you fall off a manhole, or something bad happens to you.

  18. Starlegna: a celestial body that mimics another object.

    NASA discovered Argolis is a starlegna of Telos.

    LOL! Wow, this doesn't make any sense. Thanks for the challenge. :)

    Angel Star by Jennifer Murgia

  19. My book is Sophomore Switch by Abby McDonald. "From Sophomore Switch comes swooshicopter, a spiral-shaped leaf that falls from its tree in a twirling motion until it almost reaches the ground and then rises to fall repeatedly before coming to rest."

    My post about it is here:

    I live in the USA (Tennessee), and my email address is:
    emerging DOT paradigm AT yahoo DOT com

  20. As the friend who suggested this challenge and helped her refine the "rules", I want to say that I so enjoyed reading all of your new words and definitions. There are a few I could TOTALLY see making it into our vernacular. Congratulations to all of you for making it through the 24 hours. I'd have NEVER made it.


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