Sunday, August 21, 2011

Borrowed Book Challenge

ShelleyRae from Book'd Out is hosting the The Borrowed Book Challenge 

The challenge will run from January to December 2011, and you can join at anytime!   The rules are simple, and you can see them by clicking here.

I am participating at the Library Lust level.  In order to complete this challenge, I need to borrow, read, and return 48 books between January 1st 2011, and December 31st 2011.   This seems achievable to me, since books I borrow to read to my son definitely count towards this goal!  

Now I just have to go to the library website, and check out my history so far this year.  I am probably already near the goal since I do read a lot of library books.  (I love supporting my local library, but borrowing so many books from the library means that my own books sit on Mt. TBR for too long! )


  1. I do the same thing, pick up library books even though I have a stack at home to read. I just can't help it!

  2. Hi
    Just thought I'd check in and see how you were doing with the challenge!

    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

  3. @carolsnotebook - I can't help it! I have a stack of 11 library books here right now. My " stack" at home isn't just a stack, it is 2 bookcases and 4 diaper cases full, roughly 350 books!! I really should start reading my own books!

  4. @ Shelleyrae - I think I am done. If I have not read 48 yet, I will be quite surprised. I have read 48 novels so far this year. Not all of those were borrowed, but that number does not include any of the non-fiction, or children's books that I have borrowed and read! I will work on my list, and post a link soon!

  5. Lu - Please come buy Book'd Out and let me know if you completed your challenge!

    Shelleyrae @ Book'd out


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