Friday, August 26, 2011

Four Fill-In Fun!!

This week’s statements:
1. I don’t remember what time my appointment is on Tuesday.  ( I better call and find out!)
2. I love a HOT bubble bath, with a good book!
3. When I lose socks in the dryer, I think it went to look for it's friends that went missing!
4. My favorite snack to eat while watching t.v. is probably pretzels. I don't eat them often, and I don't watch t.v often either. However, I think the only time I ever eat pretzels is when I am watching t.v!

Want to participate?  Answer the four fill-ins (the green text in the above points) on your blog, and sign up on the linky. Please, do not forget to follow the host  Hilary from Feeling Beachie, and this week's co-host Bernie from One Mixed Bag.


  1. Aw...a hot bubble bath!!! That is a great one!!! Great answers! Found you via Hilary at Feeling Beachie!!! Hope you figure out your appt time!!!!

  2. I never remember my appointment times, I love the doctors or hairdressers that call or email a reminder those are lifesavers!

    Gosh, I can't remember the last time I enjoyed a bubble bath, I soak in a jacuzzi tub often but no bubble bath, that sounds like heaven.

  3. @ - Yes, I love a HOT bubble bath. Sadly, I don't get to have them too often. For now it is mostly quick showers. Maybe in a few years, the kids will let me out of their sight long enough to enjoy hot baths more frequently!

  4. @ Lucy - It is not often that I get a reminder call. The last reminder call I got, was to remind me I had an appointment the next month. I thought it was great that they were doing a reminder call, but really 4 weeks in advance. I asked her if she could call back in 3.5!
    I have never soaked in a jacuzzi, but I know I would love it. I would give up bubble baths forever, if I could have a jacuzzi tub!

  5. I love your answer to the missing sock question! I must have a lot of lonely socks.

  6. I can never get the bubble bath and the book part together- the book always gets wet!
    I could've sworn I was following you before---- oh well... I am now!
    have a great weekend!

  7. This is a fun blog hop! I love your answers to the question - you have made me want to have a nice buble bath! I am now following you .... ;-)

  8. @ Sarah K. - I used to have a lot of lonely socks, but not so much anymore. I like to think that they are no longer lonely, and found their friends after escaping from my dryer!
    This summer has been so warm, I don't think I have worn sock since May! Hopefully, none of them escaped from my drawers!!

  9. @ Brenda Youngerman- I confess, I have gotten a couple of books wet in the past, but not in a long time!
    Here is my advice have a hand towel on the edge of the tub, get into the tub, make sure the water level is right when you lay back, grab the hand towel and dry your hands, grab your book. This is how I do it, and never get the book wet.
    OH another important step - make sure it is NOT a library book, or a book that can not be easily replaced, until you master this!
    Hope that works for you!

  10. @ Annie (Lady M) x - I do enjoy this hop. I have only participated a few times, but I hope to be able to participate regularly! I love seeing other people's answers. You could join in if you like!
    I hope you were able to enjoy a bath! Now that I have read this post and the comments, I want one too! Doesn't look like I will get to do that tonight though!
    Thanks for following! I am following your blog now as well!

  11. Thanks for adding the linky!!! I would kill for your #2 right now (well, if it wasn't so hot) sorry it took me so long to visit... Damn Irene

  12. Ah, it's been ages since I took a nice hot bubble bath. Sounds wonderful.


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