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While in her grandmother’s attic, 10 year-old Sally finds a trunk that transports her to a hidden kingdom. There she discovers the kingdom is about to be attacked by pirates. With the help of a faerie, Sally must unravel the mystery of who she really is and the secrets contained in the Trunk of Alexia, while fending off pirates and saving the royal family. But the true question is, will Sally be able to get back home?
In Sally and the Buccaneers, book 1 of the Trunk of Alexia series, meet Sally, Abby, Layla, and the faerie Alexia. Join them on their first adventure!
What did I think of it??
As the mother of a young girl, I tend to check out books geared to this age range.  I generally don't read the whole book.  I tend to skim them pretty  quickly just to see if I feel that it it is appropriate to purchase for my daughter or as a gift for another young girl.  Sally and the Buccaneers
I did not skim this book! I read this book in a little less than an hour. I did not put it down until I finished it. I really enjoyed it. I will definitely be sharing it with my daughter, and more than likely purchase it as a gift for a couple other young girls I know.  
I would say that Sally and the Buccaneers is  a great choice for someone in the age range of  7-10 years old to read on their own.  It could also be enjoyed by children that are even younger if a parent/caregiver read it with them!   
This book is the first in The Trunk of Alexia series.  I look forward to reading the rest of the series.  Judy has finished writing " Book 2", and is almost done writing "Book 3".  The Trunk of Alexia series will be published as a single book trilogy.  There is no release date set yet, but she is hoping to release it at around Christmastime!!  
To learn more about Judy and her books check out her website at
Readers can  purchase Sally and the Buccaneers  from Judy.  On the right-hand side of her website there is a link to  TMD Books which is her online "used" bookstore through Amazon. If you order a copy of the book through that link it will be new, but cost a little less, AND she will sign it for you!   

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