Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ok here's a rant!!

I figured I would try to make a blog button! I read a tutorial, and thought, oh I can do that!! Let me say I was not totally right about that! As I was creating a button, I am thinking to myself, this is as easy as it seemed! What I was attempting to make was a pretty basic one. I took a rectangular photo, edited so it was all green, the same green used on my blog. Simple! I added the name of my blog in the dark orange rusty colour, and some speech bubbles and TAA- DAA I had a picture to use for a button!

Here is what it looked like
 I thought it was kind of cute! Or at least not too bad for a first attempt, right?

I then uploaded it to photobucket successfully on my oh, I don't know, 30th attempt. I then got a html code for the picture! Other than taking so long to finally get it uploaded this still seems pretty simple. LOL!! Seems is the keyword!! Creating the 'link to me" code was what ruined it for me! I had the little box thing and a code, just needed to add the picture code and my blog url, but no matter what I did, it would not accept the code!!
So,after about 2 hours of playing around with it, I don't have a blog button! I have come to the conclusion, that as much as I would love to have one, I won't be making a blog button! Too bad I didn't think of that until two hours later! What a waste of time! Time I could have spent reading! Or sleeping? (note the timestamp on the post!)

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