Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A YA novel I recently read

I was at the library, and spotted this book. The cover is beautiful, and I was drawn to it. I was intrigued by the title, so I checked it out!

Description from

Daelyn Rice is broken beyond repair, and after a string of botched suicide attempts, she's determined to get her death right. She starts visiting a website for "completers"- 
While she's on the site, Daelyn blogs about her life, uncovering a history of bullying that goes back to kindergarten. When she's not on the Web, Daelyn's at her private school, where she's known as the freak who doesn't talk.
Then, a boy named Santana begins to sit with her after school while she's waiting  for her parents to pick her up. Even though she's made it clear that she wants to be left alone, Santana won't give up. And it's too late for Daelyn to be letting people into her life. Isn't it?

So......what did I think?

I am not really sure how I feel about this book. It is about a girl, Daelyn, that has been bullied for as long as she can remember. As the title suggests, she is suicidal. Reading about what she has been through and what she continues to go through was not easy. I pitied her. 
It is evident that the author did her research, and it is well written. Though I did think it was a decent read, I would not want my daughter to read it, cause you just never know. (My daughter is bullied, and I wouldn't want her to get any ideas!) I would not recommend this for anyone that is bullied, or depressed. 
By the time I finished reading the book I knew a bunch of ways to kill oneself! I also knew roughly how long it would take to work, how painful it would be, and how to go about doing it! All that info in this short book. It sure could save a suicidal teen a lot of research! 
I wouldn't really recommend this book,  except maybe to a bully, with the hopes that it could  help them understand how their victims feel. 
With that being said, I would rate this book about a 3 out of 5.  It was  well written. I will be reading more of the author's work, as she is a good writer.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my review of this book. I agree it's not one I would highly recommend.

  2. checking to make sure comments work again, as Josetta was unable to comment, and I like when she comments!

  3. Not having read the book, I do agree that the subject matter and the intended audience are pretty risky for the age group. Nevertheless, your reviews are always very well written!


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