Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wondrous Words Wednesday!

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This weeks word came from

Before I post my "new to me word", I have to say that it is a word I have used before, but I used it to mean something else. In fact, I have heard numerous people use the word to mean the same thing I used it for. Although I have never used it to mean what it meant in the book, I was able to figure out what it meant without the dictionary, but just to reassure myself I typed it into google!   When I entered the word into google, some of the results made me chuckle!!

This week's word is pasties.
pasties -  adhesive coverings applied to a person's nipples or vulva 
The sentence it was used in was  ' She was wearing rhinestone pasties and a red thong.'  
 (bling for the boobies! Yes!  That was a description I got when I entered pasties into google)
Did you know what pasties were? Did you think it meant something else? 
What new word did you discover this week? 
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  1. Your post made me giggle! I'm not sure what this says about me, but I did know what pasties are. Thanks for playing along!

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  5. LOL I knew what pasties were!

    I just found your blog from a Friday Blog Hop! Have a great weekend : )

    Amanda @


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